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Meet Mariposa Oracle who, in the first novella, Queen City Licensed Massage Therapist, begins a new career in Charlotte, NC, just as the state passes license legislation regulating massage, sending massage parlors, unlicensed body workers and confused clients scurrying to adapt and understand the new laws. The novella also explores the national standardization of licensed massage therapy in the U.S.

In Novella 2, The Mirror, Mariposa lands a job teaching yoga while her clients pull her into the hidden worlds of chronic pain, addiction, and single-parent homes. Her new skills, she finds, offer breakthrough, evidence-based alternative therapies for billion to trillion dollar problems, such as the epidemics of chronic pain and opioid addiction. Learn more about the plasticity of the brain: the new paradigm shifts away from PTSD stigmas into a liberating world of self regulation and resiliency with effective self-care. 

The novellas, part memoir, part historical fiction/adventure, are filled with personal transformation secrets, hilarious real-life experiences, and educational insights into cost-effective, evidence-based tools to create calm and increase creativity in uncertain times.

With links to experts who offer online training, free or low-cost online resources, and a vibe of hope with can-do grit, Mariposa Oracle's adventures show how crisis and intense stress can be a healing opportunity in disguise.  

"Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite. Read Oserio's five-star reviews here:

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